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Over the past few decades, Ananda Group has been successful in applying the innovative vision of our founder in bringing on consistent quality in our products. This commitment to quality is built on a solid base of our esteemed customers, both domestic and overseas. Our greatest asset is the trust our customers bestow on us. While quality and customer satisfaction is the key to any successful business, it is not as simple as we talk about. Sheer hard work and dedicated customer service which the Group has been investing over these years have enabled us to expand our businesses from agriculture to aquaculture, food processing, and to a multitude of diverse enterprises.

Parmanand Hinduja

Ananda Group founder Sri. Ananda Raju's vision and passion to establish the business of Rice Milling in the Godawari region of Andhra Pradesh was first of its kind to produce and sell Quality Rice to all corners of India. At the heart of Ananda Group Business Empire, is the Family. This joint family has perfected in the Agri and Aqua business with integration to provide the best results at any stage of business. All the members of Ananda Group have a common motto, Changing Horizons, Creating Opportunities.

Ananda Group is a conglomerate of Agro based industries producing quality Rice, Poultry, Fish, Shrimp and Prawn for Indian and International customers from Bhimavaram, coastal city in the state of Andhra Pradesh. An efficient and well-managed company, now forays into new ventures keeping in tune with changing scenario in the world including India. Ananda Group has India's First Integrated Shrimp, Prawn and Fisheries unit which are well renowned having 2 Shrimp, 2 Prawn & 1 Multi Species Fish Hatchery (for Red Tilapia, Pangasius & Indian Major Carps), 100 hectares of grow-out for Shrimp & 100 hectares for Fish, 3 Modern Processing Plants with EU & USFDA approved facilities; Floating & Sinking Fish Feed & Shrimp Feed Manufacturing with distribution network across the country. The Ministry of Food Processing, Govt. of India has already awarded license to the Group for constructing the Best Aqua Processing infrastructure facilities in India showcasing the integration of Fish & Shrimps under the Mega Food Park scheme. This is the First of its kind in India.

The Family-managed Group has not only strengthened the existing business but also developed new business and has also successfully planned to transition into a professional corporate entity . The Group with rich cultural heritage & traditional values has always planned to contribute for the welfare of its community through its Foundation - Uddaraju Ananda Raju Foundation. The Foundation since 2004 has established Blood Bank and is actively involved in Public health and education in the communities where its companies operate.

The Group's Chairman, Mr. U. K. V. Raju is the visionary behind these ventures, a well-known dynamic personality in India. Mr. Raju has rendered valuable service to the Agro Industries because of his rich experience in the business, which enabled him to be important members in decision making in both Government and Private institutions. He has bagged the Pioneer Award presented at an International Conference in India for establishing the First Commercial Prawn Hatchery in India, way back in 1993 and running it most successfully till date. Mr. Raju is the only member from fisheries sector nominated by Govt. of Andhra Pradesh (A.P.) for the task force on VISION - 2020.

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