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    A unit of Ananda Group was started in 2008 at Bhimavaram, costal city in the state of Andhra Pradesh as the Integrated fish Unit to promote Pangasius fish production & processing in India.

    India's First completely integrated Pangasius fish project is established with a well laid out Hatchery, Grow-out Farms, Automated Feed Mill & Fish Meal unit and Modern Processing Plant. This project guarantees the company to offer the best quality product from fry stage to final product to our end customers. With our rich technical expertise the company strictly adheres to the concept of Traceability and complies with HACCP for delivering the best quality at all times.

    The people of India have discovered “Pangasius fish” commonly known as Basa fish around the world, as a very Tasty Fish with Firm Texture and nice White Meat, Low in Fat and Rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids and DHA.

    India's biggest Automated fish feed plant with a production capacity of 300 MT per day producing both extruded floating and pelleted sinking fish feeds. The major sales of Annual production capacity of 100,000 MT is mostly distributed in the Godavari & Krishna districts of Andhra Pradesh. This feed mill is equipped with latest testing lab to monitor all the stages of processing starting from the raw materials used to the finished products. The quality control team are periodically trained and updated with the latest technologies.

    The feed plant is also equipped with the ----- machine, the first to be set up in India under the technological support of Trow Nutrition, Netherlands. This machine certifies the exact parameters of all the raw materials used in the feed production.

    The Acquisition of Seafood processing facility from Chennai based company in the year 2009 has motivated Ananda Enterprises to expand into fish processing, adding to the existing two seafood plants. This facility has undergone complete up-gradation of the infrastructure. The facility is now USFDA and EU approved for exports of fish & fishery products. The facility not only make Pangasius fillets, but also a variety of other products like Red Tilapia & Indian Major Carps and all variety of Shrimps.

    World's First automated Pangasius fish fillets processing line was installed in this facility. The company has entered into Joint Venture agreement with Baader Gmbh, Germany based food processing machinery for installation of Pangasius processing line along with the marketing and distribution of Baader products in India. The automation helps to supply the most hygienic, freshest fish fillets to all its customers in India. The Individual Quick freezer (IQF) from John Bean Technologies (JBT, USA) with LVS system is also the first freezer in India used for Pangasius fillets. The frozen Fillets are distributed through dealer network across the country. The company plans for the export of frozen fillets to the EU & USA markets.

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