Best SME Customer of the Year 2015-2016
Aahar 2016
Gulf Food Show in Dubai Feb 21-25 , 2016
Indus MFP opening by CM of Madhya Pradesh
Indus Mega Food Park Inauguration 12th Feb 2016
Bengal Fish Fest Dec 18-20, 2015
India's First Organic Shrimp Hatchery
3 Star Export House Certified By Gov.India
4 Star Best BAP Certification
Ananda Shrimp Hatcheries European Union Organic Certification
BAP Certification
Ananda Group Chairman meeting with National Aquaculture Group Advisor Eng. Ahmed R.Al-Ballaa in Saudi Arabia
Uddaraju Ananda Raju Foundation partners with AIT
Punjab Chief Minister
Seed Launching Ceremony
Profit On Aqua Culture 2015
Aahar 2015
Aqua Aquaria India 2015
MOU with West Bengal Chief Minister
Bengal Global Business Summit
Hudhud cyclone cm relief fund
Seafood Expo Global
Profit On Aqua Culture 2014
Food & Hospitality Fair 2015
19th India International Seafood Show
PROFIT ON AQUACULTURE March 29-30 , 2014

MOU with West Bengal Chief Minsiter