It was from Ananda Raju's experiences and belief in the need to work hard so as to progress in life, both professionally in business and personally as a man with a growing family, that he developed his principles of Trust, Quality with consistency, Innovation and Consumer satisfaction.

These guiding principles are pivotal to how the Group and family conduct themselves in their business and personal lives.
Uddarju Ananda Raju Foundation was established in the year 2003.

Objectives of the Foundation:

Healthy Person Makes Healthy Nation:
It is a well known fact that most of the villagers are deprived to potable water, as a result of which they are suffering a lot. The foundation responded to this basic need by establishing a water purification plant with a capacity of 5000 litres per hour at Kovvada Annavaram village as its maiden activity. It is catering the needs of five villages

Healthy Villages makes Healthy India:
The rural India is mostly dependent of Agriculture, Cattle rearing etc. Most of the villages are inaccessible to good veterinary care. To cater this need, the Foundation established Free Veterinary Hospital at Kovvada Annavaram village which is providing quality veterinary medical/ clinical assistance to al the adjacent villages also.

Rich Culture make Rich Nation:
India is spiritual Nation. To bring spirituality to the doorsteps of the rural masses, the family members are conducting spiritual and cultural activities form the past 25 years. Discourse by eminent personalities, publication and free distribution of spiritual books and cultural activities by well known persons form all over the country are being arranges to strengthen the moral and spiritual base of the society.

Old is Gold - Helping Hand to the Old:
The exploding population of India has pushed the age old people to a corner because of deploring economic conditions. The elderly people in villages are mostly dependent on their family members for survival, and a few of them are not getting the need assistance. As a response to this need, the foundations is extending its helping hand to the old people by providing monthly ration, health care and most needed moral support.

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